EMIP Collection of Ethiopian Manuscripts

The Ethiopian Manuscript Imaging Project (EMIP) was started in the Spring of 2005 by Steve Delamarter with the mission to help preserve images of Ethiopia ’s manuscript heritage and make them available for scholarly study. The manuscripts were located in the possession of university libraries, dealers and private owners. Most have come from North America, though a few are from England , Israel and Kenya . All of the owners have graciously consented to have their manuscripts digitized and made available for scholarly study. At this time, complete image sets are available for nearly 350 codices and 340 magic scrolls.

The work of EMIP has been supported by a $5,000 grant from the Lilly/Association of Theological Schools Theological Scholars’ Grant Program, $500 from Blake and Claire Marwick, $25,000 from the Christiansen Fund, and $18,000 from the Gerald and Barbara Weiner Family Foundation with $4,000 in matching funds from Morgan Stanley.

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Explore a rich collection of Ethiopian manuscripts and magic scrolls! Complete codices are available online, along with photographs detailing the calligraphy and structure of the manuscripts.