Manuscript Details

Institution: HMML
HMML Project No.: 33686
Country: Spain
City: Santo Domingo de Silos
Repository: Monasterio de Santo Domingo de Silos el Antiguo. Archivo
Shelf Mark: Ms. 1 (formerly Codex H).
Manuscript Folio: 282 f.
Binding: 17th-century decorated red leather over wooden boards
Provenance: Once belonged to Rodrigo Yenenguez de Guzm√°n, abbot of Silos, 1242-1276 (f. 179r, inscription in 13th-century hand)
Bibliography: Whitehill & Perez de Urbel, Los manuscritos del Real Monasterio de Santo Domingo de Silos (Madrid, 1930)
Notes: Manuscript lacks two signatures from the beginning. Signatures are 8 pages, except the 3rd (ff. 17-26) has 10. Foliation from 1-273; ff. 80, 218 & 221 numbered twice; last 7 folios enumerated 174, 175, 176, 177, 178, 179.
Manuscript Acknowledgments: Record updated by Lila Collamore

Manuscript Part
Part Number: 1
Part Folio: 282 f.
Support: Parchment
Outer Dimensions: 29 x 21 cm
Layout: one column, 22-21 x 13-12.5 mm
Date: 10th century
Year Month Day: 945 (colophon)
Script: Visigothic minuscule
Scribe: notarius Iones presbiter
Representational Decoration: f. 188v, kneeling black human figure
Other Decoration: ff. 1-172, well-executed small initials in red, blue and yellow. Ff 173-179, larger, more worked initials.
Part Notes: ff. 1-172, visigothic minuscule of the 9th c; f. 177-282, from the time of the colophon.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: ff. 1r-271r.
 Author: Smaragdus.
 Other Associated Name: Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino
 Supplied Title: Expositio Regulae S.P.N. Benedicti
 Language(s): Latin
 Incipit: deo immarcesibilem eam dixit
 Explicit: Gloria patri ingenito gloria unigenito gloria spir
 Text Notes: Migne, PL, CII, 702 B.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: f. 271v-272r
 Supplied Title: Unedited Spanish monastic penitential based in spirit on the Rule of St. Fructuoso. Titulus: Item ex regula cuiusdam capitulo emendationis culpe secundum modum atque numerum delinquentium quomodo flagella suscipiat.
 Language(s): Latin
 Incipit: Primum si obedientia cum humilitate
 Explicit: Ab abbate firmissime suscipiat vii flagella

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: f. 179r
 Supplied Title: Additional brief treatise on weights and measures, inspired by Isidore's Etymology XVI, xxv.
 Language(s): Latin
 Explicit: Conscriptus est liber iste a notario Ioannes presb
 Text Notes: Note: due to the enumeration of this manuscript, the colophon on f. 179 comes after f. 273

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: f. 272r-273r
 Supplied Title: Unedited extract from the Rule of St. Fructuoso. Titulus: Qui debeant fratres vel sorores in monasterio observare. Primum ut recte abrenuntient‚Ķ"
 Language(s): Latin
 Explicit: deus pacis et dilectionis erit vobiscum. Explicit

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: f. 273r-178v (sic)
 Supplied Title: Proverbs of St. Ebagri, bishop
 Language(s): Latin
 Incipit: Incipit proverbia sancti Ebagri episcopi, Heredes
 Explicit: animan eius humilem in tempore orationis. Finit De
 Status Of Text: Incomplete
 Text Notes: Migne, PL XX, 1181


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