Manuscript Details

Institution: HMML
HMML Project No.: 28829
Country: Austria
City: Fiecht
Repository: Benediktinerabtei Sankt Georgenberg-Fiecht
Shelf Mark: Codex 38
Manuscript Folio: 165 f.
Physical Issues: Octavo
Binding: Inside front cover is parchment leaf from a fourteenth-century Breviary.
Provenance: Origin mixed and unknown. Marked on f. 1r and 163v Montis S. Georgii 1652. Old signature on f. 1r: I. 38. Most recent library mark (f. 1r) DK 248. 38: 091/HS 167. Described in the local typed cat. Under M. S. 38, B IV 6.
Bibliography: Jeffery & Yates, Descriptive inventories: Austrian libraries, v. 2, p. 117-122
Notes: The prayers in no. 18 are dated 1502 and signed 'f.W.S' evidently the work of a monk or friar. Dialect overwhelmingly Bavarian, though some texts point towards Flanders. Apparently several booklets or gatherings united.

Manuscript Part
Part Number: 1
Part Folio: 165 f.
Support: Paper
Layout: Catchwords. About 30 long lines. Frame ruled and unruled.
Date: 15th-16th century
Script: Notula.
Number Scribes: many
Part Notes: Two numbers skipped in modern foliation, without loss of text. Over a dozen hands, most hurried, texts 3 & 4 more formal. Written by twelve scribes. The writing styles are heterogeneous.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 167 f.
 Supplied Title: Book of Devotions.
 Language(s): Latin
 Text Notes: Title from catalog.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 1r
 Supplied Title: A brief note on God's desire to save men.
 Language(s): Latin
 Incipit: Deus wlt omnes homines salvos fieri [cf. 1 Tim 2:4
 Explicit: salvator seculi. Amen.
 Text Notes: ITitle from catalog. Ncipit similar to Clm 19136 fol. 38v and Clm 22273 fol. 85v; see O. Lottin, "Nouveaux fragments theologiques de l'ecole d' Anselme de Laon: Mss. De Munich, " Recherches de Theologie a. & med. 13 (1946) 202-25, no. 298

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 1v-12v
 Supplied Title: Death-bed manual for priests.
 Language(s): Latin
 Incipit: Amice dilecte considera nos omnes subiectos esse p
 Explicit: dines lobes der kirchen.Tractatus de modo habendo
 Text Notes: Title from catalog. Similar to but not identical with Rein Ms. 5 fol. 77v-80v, Tractatus de modo habendo circa constitutos in mortis articulo, inc. "Si veritates fideles amici."

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 13r-34r
 Supplied Title: Passion of the lord (passionskomposition) based on the four gospels.
 Language(s): Latin
 Incipit: Appropinquabat dies festus azimorum qui dicitur pa
 Explicit: quemadmodum positum erat corpus Iesu.
 Text Notes: Title from catalog. Written with a large space left to the side (for a commentary?) and divided into two sections at 23r.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 34v-35v
 Supplied Title: The story of the Passion arranged for meditation through the hours of the day.
 Language(s): Latin
 Rubric: Passio domini nostri Ihesu Christi ad horas canonicas articulatim ordinata.
 Incipit: Primus ad completorium cogita quinque in israelita
 Text Notes: Title from catalog. Fol. 36r-v blank.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 37r-115v
 Supplied Title: Die geistliche winreb. Unidentified anonymous allegory of viniculture.
 Language(s): German
 Rubric: n dem namen unsers herren ihesu christi will ich hie kurtzlich beschriben einen passion mit stucken und punckten ufgeleit uf ein geistliche winreb. . .
 Incipit: Ich bin der geware winstock und min vatter ist der
 Explicit: mit liden siner aller heiligsten mutter marie. Ame
 Text Notes: Title from catalog. Divided into twelve articles, subdivided into chapters. Bavarian dialect.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 116r-121v
 Supplied Title: Schemata of virtues and vices; devotions; dogmatic theology.
 Language(s): German
 Rubric: Also spricht der her im hailigen evagelio. Wiltu in gen in das ewig leben [Mt 19:17] . . .
 Text Notes: Title from catalog.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 122r-130r
 Author: Zerbolt, Gerard, 1367-1398.
 Supplied Title: Part of the De spiritualibus ascensionibus.
 Language(s): Latin
 Rubric: Meditaciones de novissimis. Modus informandi meditaciones et primo de regno celorum ad habendam compunctionem et desiderium ad ipsum etc.
 Incipit: Poteris autem de celesti illa patria similitudines
 Explicit: vicissitudinem non rependis etc.
 Text Notes: Title from catalog. Cf. Darmstadt Hessische LHB MS 1228 ff. 242r-261v (cat. Achten/Eizenhofer/Knaus, no. 4), s'Gravenhage 129 E 4 ff. 147r-155r see J. van Rooij, Gerard Zerbolt van Zutphen, 1 (Nijmegen etc. 1936) 303.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 130r-135v
 Supplied Title: Meditation on Christ's passion divided into five particulae.
 Language(s): German; Latin
 Rubric: De passione dominica et in quibus se homo exercere debet circa passionem christi.
 Incipit: Vadam ad montem mirre [Cant 4:6] et tu homo devote
 Explicit: et suppliciis.
 Text Notes: Title from catalog. Marginalia, German glosses.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 135v-145v
 Supplied Title: Meditation on canon of the mass, etc.
 Language(s): Latin
 Rubric: De sacramento et de celebracione missarum.
 Incipit: Hec quotienscumque feceritis in mei commemoracione
 Explicit: dormies et requiesces. Amen. Orate pro me fratrem
 Text Notes: Title from catalog. Flemish origin? Lengthy note in a second hand, fol. 136v. Followed on fol. 145v by two notes on patience ('Gregorius') and charity.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 146r-150v
 Author: Jost
 Supplied Title: Die ubergeschrifft uber dem Miserere. Die uber geschrifft uber dem Miserere.
 Language(s): German
 Incipit: Psalmus [1:1]. Das ist ein [ex das] lob gesanck da
 Explicit: gesteh des allen menschen Clarheit dem vatter…welt
 Text Notes: Title from catalog. The author ('Jost') is perhaps to be identified with JODOCUS EICHMANN DE CALW, professor at Heidelberg, d. 1491, on whom see ADB 5.471.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 151r-152r
 Supplied Title: Devotion to the Holy Ghost.
 Language(s): German
 Rubric: Gaben des heiligen geistes. (f. 151v)
 Incipit: Die menschen die da wollen enphahen den heiligen g
 Explicit: tribet us die sund etc.
 Text Notes: Title from catalog. Devotion to the Holy Ghost; notes on the gifts of the Holy Ghost.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 152v-153r
 Supplied Title: De sacramento eukaristie.
 Language(s): Latin
 Incipit: Et primo quid sit Eucharistia. Est sacramentum car
 Explicit: sacramento eucharistie.
 Text Notes: Title from catalog. Text cancelled.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 153r-v
 Supplied Title: Six meditative virtues.
 Language(s): Latin
 Incipit: Si quis wlt spiritualiter vivere debet se in sex v
 Explicit: in memoria habeas etc.
 Text Notes: Title from catalog.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 153v-157r
 Author: Bonaventure, Saint, Cardinal, ca. 1217-1274.
 Supplied Title: Epistola 25 memoralium. Prologue, minus opening salutations, is at the end, with reader's notes at start and finish.
 Language(s): Latin
 Rubric: Bona Ventura doctor seraphicus ordinis minorum ponit has doctrinas sew instrucciones etc.
 Incipit: Sunt quedam virtutes probate in iuvenibus . . . Op
 Explicit: [156v] potieris gloriam in futuro. Amen. Explicit
 Status Of Text: Corrupt copy.
 Text Notes: Title from catalog. Running headline: De reverencia. Pr Quaracchi (1897) 8:491-98. Cf. Budapest OKS Clmae 387, ff 266v-70v; Graz UB 910, ff 2r-6v; Salzburg St. Peter MS b.V.26 ff. 125r-131v; Kacmarkik MS 3 ff 2r-8r; Glorieux 305ac. DHGE 9:782

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 158r-160r
 Supplied Title: [Oraciones 16, anno 1502]
 Language(s): Latin
 Text Notes: Title from catalog. Fol. 157v blank.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 160v-161v
 Supplied Title: Salve Regina.
 Language(s): German
 Incipit: Gegrusset systu aller schonste kaysterin erluchte
 Explicit: uns armen sunder. Amen. Etc. Ihesus. Maria. Franci
 Text Notes: Title from catalog. Devotion of the Salve Regina. [Chevalier 18147].

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 161v-162v
 Supplied Title: Dy vor red der zehen gebot gottes almechtiger.
 Language(s): German
 Incipit: Dis sin die zehen geboth/die uns gab der ewiger go
 Explicit: todt/ Dar vor behut uns der almechtig ewig got. Am
 Text Notes: Title from catalog. Versified decalogue.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 163r
 Supplied Title: Salve Regina.
 Language(s): German; Latin
 Incipit: Ffraw von herczen wir dich grussen Kunigen der bar
 Text Notes: Title from catalog. Salve Regina in German. Sermon sketch.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: fol. 163v
 Supplied Title: Mt. XI. Quoniam sic fuit placitum ante te.
 Language(s): Latin
 Incipit: Qudo enim aliqui sint electi
 Text Notes: Title from catalog. Fol. 164r-167r blank. Fol. 167v not filmed.


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