Manuscript Details

Institution: HMML
HMML Project No.: 28073
Country: Austria
City: Schlierbach
Repository: Zisterzienserstift Schlierbach. Bibliothek
Shelf Mark: Codex 7
Manuscript Folio: 184 f
Physical Issues: Folio
Provenance: The saints in the third booklet point to a Bohemian origin. The whole is probably Cistercian.
Bibliography: D. Yates. Descriptive Inventories, Austrian Libraries, vol. 1 (Collegeville, 1981); B. Hofinger. Verzeichniss der Handschriften der Bibliothek (Xenia Bernardina, part 2, v. 2; Wien, 1891)
Notes: Three booklets, the first repaired with a quire from the 16c.

Manuscript Part
Part Number: 1
Part Folio: 184 f
Support: Parchment
Date: 14th-15th century
Part Notes: Varying format and scripts.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: 1r
 Supplied Title: Ordo ab LXX usque ad Corpus Christi
 Language(s): Latin
 Text Notes: 2 col. Textura quadrata formata. Fraktur versalia.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: 2r - 112r
 Supplied Title: Martyrologium Romanum.
 Language(s): Latin
 Text Notes: Complete, from Circumcision to 23 Dec. Headings for remaining days, with brief entries in humanistica rotunda cursive. Quire 1 is in textura quadrata formata, long lines, ruled. Remaining quires in textura semiquadrata formata, 22 long lines, ruled.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: 112v - 115v
 Other Associated Name: Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino
 Supplied Title: Vita S. Benedicti.
 Language(s): Latin
 Incipit: Bis bini narrant vitam Benedicti
 Explicit: Fratres semoti domino meritis bene noti.
 Text Notes: Walther 2167. BHL Supp. 1112b. 37 long lines. Ruled. Filigree cadel.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: 116r - 171v
 Supplied Title: Rule of St. Benedict
 Language(s): Latin
 Rubric: Incipit prologus regule S. BENEDICTI abbatis.
 Incipit: Ausculta O filii precepta magistri et inclina aure
 Explicit: virtutumque culmina Deo protegente pervenies.
 Text Notes: pr Hanslik, CSEL 75, ed. Alter (Vienna 1977). 22 long lines. Ruled. Filigree cadels. Textura semiquadrata formata. 117r et labia.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: f.176a
 Supplied Title: Miracula beati Procopii
 Language(s): Latin

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: f.180b-184a
 Supplied Title: In visitatione sancte Marie Virginis antiphonae
 Language(s): Latin

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: 172r - 184r
 Supplied Title: BREVIARIUM, pars
 Language(s): Latin
 Text Notes: A portion of the lessons for the octave of viii is missing. 37 long lines. Ruled. Divided into 8 lessons. Textura semiquadrata formata. 173r Tunc preses.


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