Manuscript Details

Institution: HMML
HMML Project No.: 816
Country: Austria
City: Lambach (Upper Austria)
Repository: Benediktinerstift Lambach. Bibliothek
Shelf Mark: Codex Lambacensis membranaceus CXXXI
Manuscript Folio: 166 f.
Physical Issues: Quarto

Manuscript Part
Part Number: 1
Part Folio: 166 f.
Date: 12th century

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: f.2a-96a.
 Supplied Title: Martyrologium.
 Language(s): Latin
 Incipit: Domino sancto fratri Hieronymo Chromatius.
 Explicit: qui a beatis apostolis . . . .
 Text Notes: The month of January is missing. For another MS, see Jungwirth b.xii.10. A note on monastic affairs follows.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: f.97a-152b.
 Author: Benedict, Saint, Abbot of Monte Cassino
 Supplied Title: Regula S. Benedicti, cum glossis.
 Language(s): Latin
 Incipit: Ausculta O filii praecepta magistri et inclina aur
 Explicit: protegente pervenies.

       Manuscript Text
 Text Folio: f.153a-166b.
 Author: Pabo, Abbot of Lambach (1167-1199)
 Supplied Title: Fragmentum necrologii Lambacense.
 Language(s): Latin
 Incipit: Hartmannus abb. Hermannus.
 Explicit: merihilth la. Chuniza ia ne r. f.
 Text Notes: For the complete text, see MGH Necr. IV, p.406-416. On f.167 is a liturgical fragment with neums.


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