Resources: Downloads 2019

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  • Image Requirements 2017.pdf
    Document outlining the technical requirements for manuscript images produced by HMML projects. A VITAL DOCUMENT TO READ AND UNDERSTAND.
  • 2016 Overall Procedure.pdf
    A general overall reference for how HMML does manuscript photography.
  • 2016 Basic daily steps.pdf
    Daily things to check when working on manuscript digitization.
  • 2016 Foliation and Filenames.pdf
    Detailed guidelines for the naming of image files so that proper foliation of books happens. A VITAL DOCUMENT TO READ AND UNDERSTAND.
  • 2018-19_Quality_Control.pdf  A document outlining basic quality-control checks that will ensure that manuscripts are digitized correctly and have proper file-naming. A VITAL DOCUMENT TO READ AND UNDERSTAND.
  • QC_Checksheet.xlsx
    A simple Excel checklist for documenting quality control checks on manuscript photography.
  • 2016 Canon 6D manual.pdf
    Updated user guidelines for producing manuscript page images using the Canon EOS 6D digital camera.
  • Rationale.pdf
    An older document detailing the "why" behind HMML's move to digital imaging and the reasoning behind how HMML does things.
  • book photography.pdf
    An overall guide to HMML's book photography methods.
  • HMML Digitization Studio Setup.pdf
    An older document with good information on the overall setup of the manuscript digitization studio environment.
  • Available Light Photography Tips.pdf 
    A guide to using digital SLR cameras for manuscript photography under available light, with tips for achieving proper exposure and color balance.
  • arrows.pdf
    Document containing a number of arrow symbols. This can be printed out and cut into individual "up" arrows to indicate manuscript orientation when making photographs.
  • 2016 two-up metadata slate.pdf
    A printable PDF that produces two metadata sheets per page. Use this if no electronic metadata collection is being done at the time of photography.
  • HMML_Rulers.pdf This PDF contains nine metric rulers that can be used when photographing books to provide a useful size reference. When printing this out, make sure you have printer scaling set to 100% in order to ensure that the resulting printout is accurate. Check against a real metric scale to confirm proper size.

PDF Manuals for Cameras and Lighting Units (English)

Metadata Tools

Software Tools

  • Canon EOS 27.1.iso
    Disk image (ISO) file. This can be downloaded and burned to CD to create the installation disc for Canon EOS Utilities version 27.1. These utilities include Zoombrowser, Digital Photo Professional, and the EOS remote capture utility. 429 MB
  • Canon EOS 30.2.iso
    Disk image (ISO) file for Canon EOS Uitilities version 30.2. This is necessary if one is using RAW image files from Canon's EOS 5Ds model (the 50-megapixel one). 670 MB
  • Bulk Rename Utility
    An extremely useful utilitiy that allows for the renaming of files using "search and replace," resequencing of filenames, and the like. Also allows for filenames to be copied to the clipboard for pasting into Excel lists, etc.
  • Manual for Bulk Rename Utility
    Useful to study, as BRU is a rather complex application.
  • npp.5.7.Installer.exe
    Notepad++ is a text editor that has more features and power than the usual Windows Notepad application.
  • Irfanview
    This is the best JPEG viewing software app I've found. It has all the usual viewing capabilities, plus powerful batch processing features. It is non-destructive; that is, the user can rotate, flip or otherwise change their view of an image file without having any of this saved to the actual file itself.
  • CD Burner XP and Free Easy Burner
    These are CD and DVD recording apps. If you need to convert one of the ISO files listed above into a usable CD, you'll need something like this.
  • FastStone Image Viewer
    This is an excellent image viewing program that performs lossless rotation of JPEG images.